The Founder

The LinkArts system was created in 2004 by Sensei Desmond Burke 3rd Dan and qualified level 3 personal trainer. Sensei Desmond has been training, fighting and teaching martial arts and kickboxing since 1980. He came through the ranks of the Mu-gen-do (The unlimited way) teachings created by Grand Master Meiji Suzuki. Mu-gen-do combined a mixture of kickboxing, throws, sweeps, grappling and self defence techniques so that students are fully equipped for every situation. Sensei Desmond taught and fought out of the mu-gen-do club in Kings Cross London for many years, he also learned the spiritual side of martial arts from Sensei Suzuki, understanding the connection between mind and body.

As part of his early Mu-gen-do education Sensei Desmond trained & fought with some of the most experienced and technical kickboxers/martial artists to have come out of the Mu-gen-do gym. Sensei George McKenzie, Sensei Joe Williams, Sensei George Norville, Sensei Chris McNeish, Sensei Dwyer Evelyn and Sensei Raf Nieto are some of the senior grades and instructors already present when Sensei Desmond joined the club in 1980. Over the next 5 years he trained, fought in competitions, assisted with teaching junior students and was awarded 1st Dan in 1985. Sensei George later became his mentor and with the initial teachings of Master Suzuki, the technical ability and skills of Sensei George and the knowledge and experience gained in the fitness industry he acquired the knowledge and understanding to be able to create LinkArts Kickboxing and Fitness.

Because of the fitness components of kickboxing and preparing for tournaments and his passion for fitness, Sensei Desmond decided to learn more about fitness and nutrition. In 1999 he completed his first set of qualifications to teach fitness and to give nutrition and weight management advice. He later went on to complete the full personal trainer level 3 qualifications and has been a personal trainer/fitness instructor for 15 years.