Hypnorods: how and to whom they help

Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, Jessica Alba and some Russian stars who used soft hypnosis in the process of childbirth, attracted great attention to this practice. Why is it so good and why more and more women become “hypnomams”? In the minds of many women, childbirth and pain are closely connected, and get rid of fears […]

You take and do: how to achieve the desired

It seems that nature has not deprived us of the ability to dream. Many different bright fantasies and tempting ideas come to mind. But for some reason, not all of them are destined to come true. How to help desires to be fulfilled? “At one training, we were advised to record desires on paper: then […]

5 myths about marriage. How to make him “work” in a new way?

An ideal union, relations built exclusively on love, is one of the main myths. Such errors can turn into serious traps on the marital path. It is important to track and debunk these myths in time – but not in order to drown in a sea of cynicism and stop believing in love, but to […]