Kickboxing Benefits.

Beginners, intermediates, advanced, kickboxing motor skills, self defence, grading syllabus, WAKO insurance, general fitness, build confidence.

Personal Training

Individually designed training programme, nutritional advice, various training systems, fat blasting exercises, functional and core stability exercises.

Group Fitness Classes

Available for the following: circuit training, boxercise, technical consultancy (kicking/punching/fighting techniques) and self defence courses.

Weight Loss

If you are an athlete, involved in competitive sport or general fitness, this could be the difference between winning and losing, being overweight or in perfect shape etc. LinkArts can shape you in both personal and competitive goals whether personal or competitive.


LinkArts Personal Training Services assess clients eating habits and discuss the need for a food diary in order to record their intake of calories (carbs, protein, healthy fats, fibres etc). We also present our clients with nutrition advice fact sheet to assist them with their dietary preparation.

What We Offer



Self Defence

Circuit training/boot camp

Affordable and value for money

20+ years of experience

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