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Having being involved in boxing for several years we deliver group sessions in various formats. The session can involve predominantly boxing techniques or combined with some simple kicking techniques.

Our sessions also involve a skill segments at the beginning of each session, this is important as attempting to deliver different types of kicks without the body being angled in the right position could cause injury.

Self Defence

We design and deliver sessions on three levels (beginner/intermediate/advanced), the sessions are designed to give participants the mental and physical approaches to self defence. We ensure that the sessions are as realistic as possible in order to replicate real life scenario. Sessions are usually over 6 or 12 weeks, we also deliver a skills segment so that participants are able to deliver the basic kicks and punches safely and effectively.

Circuit training/boot camp

With an extensive knowledge and experience of teaching group sessions, we can design fitness sessions based on your requirements.

Technical Sessions

These sessions are for fighters who are preparing for competition and need specific assistance in certain areas. These sessions could be kicking, punching, fitness etc.

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