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Fit Test

LinkArts fit test is used to monitor clients progress over a period of weeks by introducing a series of exercises and charting the progress. The percentage increase in the number of repetitions will indicate the progress made and encourage clients to set targets and “CHALLENGE THEMSELVES”.

Fitness tests – These are physical tests such as V02 max (treadmill test), press ups, strength tests etc. These results are also used to build the programme with the appropriate levels of intensity and strength etc.

Static Health Test

At the consultation stage we gather information from the client in order to assess their fitness and health condition. We are then able to design a training programme according to the client’s requirements:

Static health tests – We select 3 tests from a long list which could include blood pressure, BMI, body fat percentage, waist to hip ratio etc. The results are then compared against tables of figures and will tell us if clients are ready for physical activity and at what level of intensity the programme should be based etc. It will also give indications as to whether clients should be referred to their doctor before attempting physical exercise.

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