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Muscular Strength / Endurance

If you are on a nutrition programme to lose weight, in addition to cardiovascular exercises, you must also include resistance/anaerobic exercises to your routine. Some of our clients are visited at home, work or local parks or etc where we do not always have the facility to choose from a large selection of machine weights or free weights. However, the best form of resistance equipment is your own body weight, but we also use kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls, foam Rollers, focus pad and boxing gloves etc. We also work out of fitness centres (see contact page) where there are additional equipments available to make the sessions more varied and interesting.

We have designed exercises and sports drills that will burn fat and build lean tissues, some of these exercises are basic and have been around for years, but if performed correctly and with some slight modifications will provide all the resistance training required. Using the high intensity interval techniques (HIIT) or the TABATA PROTOCOL systems etc will provide a challenging workout for anyone regardless of your fitness level.

A weight loss programme in conjunction with a resistance exercise schedule will mean your body is firm and toned. Without resistance exercise your body would be flabby, loose and look unhealthy. Resistance training also has other benefits, it develops strong bones, tendons, ligaments and most importantly it keeps your metabolic rate high for up to 36 hours after training, this means your body is continuously burning calories at a high rate for this period. A resistance training programme is one of the factors which could help to prevent osteoporosis and could also strengthen the core muscles to produce a more aesthetically looking body

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