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Private Kickboxing Lessons

Because of LinkArts Personal Training extensive experience in this field we are able to offer a first class and professional service. We have completed and trained competitors at national, European and world levels. We have therefore designed techniques and routines to achieve weight loss, burn fat, increase cardiovascular capacity and build lean muscle tissue in quick time. Clients are initially given skills segment training in order for them to have the kickboxing motor skill and agility.

The workouts are fun and enjoyable; kickboxing is reported to burn up to 1000 calories if performed at high intensity for 60 minute duration. Kickboxing gets the heart rate up and you will be able to train in you heart rate training zone to achieve rapid weight loss and a good standard of general fitness. Kickboxing is also a form of muscular endurance workout that will keep your metabolic rate high for up to 36 hours.

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